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his year’s theme is “Mother’s nature magic”.

Bring to life whatever inspires you about mother nature and her incredible kingdom.

Make your favourite animals, birds fish or reptiles.

Recreate a favourite season, weather or landscape.

Build a film, TV or cartoon character that’s connected to the Great Outdoors or be really bold and create a dream

invention to help Mother Nature cure our climate crisis! Let’s give our children hope.

There are no limits. Your design can be any size and made from whatever you have. To participate in complete the form and payment online below to register your scarecrow.


Once you have completed the form and paid your donation, your trail number will be delivered to you by end of September.

All funds raised by the trail will be are

are donated to the Harvey

Hext Trust supporting

bereaved children.

All donations collected will be funding a Sibling’s Wish charity activity.

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Harvey's Scarecrow Trail in aid of The Harvey Hext Trust

Registered Charity: A Sibling’s Wish, Charity No.1168844.
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