Can you complete Harvey’s Challenge?

Buy a scarecrow trail map, find all the hidden scarecrows and try to name them. The person who correctly identifies the most scarecrows wins a superb prize. 

To enter you will need a Harvey’s Challenge Form found inside your scarecrow trail map; it lists all the names of the scarecrows and details on what to do. 

Each scarecrow you  spot on your scarecrow hunt has a number, as well as a clue to help you guess who they are. Simply write each number you find next to a scarecrow name on your form. When you’ve found as many scarecrows as you can, post your form back to Aunt Sally.

Good luck!

Favourite Scarecrow Designs

Our scarecrow builders are awesome folk and we want to show them just how much we love their work. 

Vote for your favourite scarecrow creations and let’s show off our scarecrow talent. 

Share, post, tag, or just talk out loud about Harvey’s scarecrow trail. Spread the word.  Scare-crow-ber is in the Chew Valley this October.. Come and visit.

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