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How do I take part in Harvey’s Scarecrow Trail?

Download and complete a Scarecrow Registration Form and return it to 14 Church Road, Winford Bristol, BS40 8EW with your registration fee. Alternatively you can use our online form or email and pay via BACS

Once you have received confirmation of your scarecrow entry, you can start making your creation ready for display on the first Sunday of October.

Do I need to live in the Chew Valley to enter a scarecrow?

No, the more scarecrows the better. The idea is for scarecrows to spread the word of Harvey’s Scarecrows far and wide; there are no boundaries. Get in touch and we can advise you on how to join the trail.

Why do I need to register my scarecrow?

Each scarecrow needs to be registered to enter in the official Harvey Scarecrow Trail. A map will be published, for purchase, which lists all the scarecrows in the trail and where to find them. If you want your scarecrow in the trail you must register it.

Why is there a deadline to register?

The deadline for scarecrow registration is always the 1st Sunday in September. This allows us enough time to enter your scarecrow details in the trail map.

What happens after I send my registration form in?

You will receive an email confirming your registration form has been received and details of when your scarecrow number will be delivered to you. Each scarecrow builder is given a scarecrow number specific to their scarecrow. The number is printed on an A4 sign and needs to be displayed next to the scarecrow. Scarecrow hunters use the number to help them identify the identity of your scarecrow.

What happens if I lose my scarecrow number?

If your scarecrow number is lost – high winds in October do tend to cause chaos to scarecrows – please contact the scarecrow trail organisers to ensure you receive a replacement number.

Why is there an entry fee and where does the money go?

The Harvey Scarecrow Trail is a charitable event which aims to raise funds to help the registered charity: A Sibling’s Wish, charity number 1168844. The entry fee for each scarecrow registered will go direct to A Sibling’s Wish and used to fund projects associated with bereavement and children.

What will happen to my personal data?

All personal data collected via the Scarecrow Registration Form and Scarecrow Trail Challenge will be used solely for the purpose of notifying competitors about the trail and informing participant(s) if they have won a competition. Should photographs or names be required for publicity articles, the organisers will notify individuals wherever possible prior to publication. All personal data will be destroyed following the end of the scarecrow trail.

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Harvey's Scarecrow Trail in aid of The Harvey Hext Trust

Registered Charity: A Sibling’s Wish, Charity No.1168844.
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