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Harvey's Scarecrow Festival
Harvey's Scarecrow Festival4 months ago
There is a big Harvey shaped hole in my heart, today and everyday, but it is so much more difficult to manage at Christmas.
Harvey would have been a teenager...what would he have wanted for Christmas? Probably a phone so he could constantly talk to all his favourite people all day long and record funny videos of himself and his twin brother.

Missing a child at Christmas is sometimes excruciatingly painful 💔 the only thing that helps is hearing people talk about them.
So if you know someone who has lost a child, call them up, remind them of a funny story or a happy time but most importantly don't be frightened to say their name. Its like music to our ears ❤️

PLEASE DO REMEMBER TO WRITE THEIR CHILDS NAME IN ANY CHRISTMAS CARDS YOU SEND. They are, and always will be part of that family. A simple ⭐️ Rembering (Name) will be so appreciated.
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