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What is Harvey’s Scarecrow Trail?

The trail is an annual event held every October to remember Harvey Hext a little boy who bravely fought cancer and fundraise in his memory for A Sibling’s Wish, a child bereavement charity.

Each October over 100 businesses, schools and residents across the Chew Valley create a scarecrow trail for everyone to follow and enjoy. Scarecrows are made in all shapes and sizes in a different theme each year. Folks from all over the UK come to enjoy this spectacle and purchase a map to help them locate all the hidden scarecrows. Scarecrow hunters are encouraged to find as many scarecrows as possible and guess their identity in the hope of winning a fantastic prize!

When does Harvey’s Scarecrow Trail take place?

Each year Harvey’s Scarecrow Trail runs from 10 am on the first Sunday in October for 4 weeks. Scarecrows are on display all day and all night so you have plenty of time to spot them all.

Who can follow Harvey’s Scarecrow Trail?

The scarecrow trail is accessible to anyone and everyone. The joy of the trail is seeing people of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens, enjoying this creative space. If you want to go on a scarecrow hunt you simply need to purchase a scarecrow trail map and start looking for the scarecrows.

If you can’t travel to the Chew Valley then you can still follow what’s happening, see scarecrows from the trail and make a donation. Just log on to the website and follow posts via the scarecrows facebook or Instagram accounts:

Where exactly is the Scarecrow Trail located?

Each year the size and spread of Harvey’s Scarecrow Trail changes. The heart of the trail is always in Winford, where Harvey lived and spreads across the Chew Valley and Wrington Vale. However, anyone can build and enter a scarecrow no matter where they live, which means there are always some far-flung scarecrows to track down if you like a real challenge.

How do I find the scarecrows?

All the scarecrows entered in the trail will be listed and plotted on the official Harvey Scarecrow Trail map. The map is designed to help scarecrow hunters locate all the scarecrows. When you spot a scarecrow you find it’s number and note it on your scarecrow map. When you’ve found as many scarecrows as you can, you complete the map with your contact details and enter it in the trail competition either via post or email. Please see the trail map for further details.

Where do I buy a Harvey Scarecrow Trail map?

Each year local businesses and organisations kindly agree to sell scarecrow trail maps for £4 each. A list of map sellers is listed on the scarecrow website. If you have problems finding a map just contact us via:

Where does the money raised from selling trail maps go?

The Harvey Scarecrow Trail is a charitable event which aims to raise funds to help the registered charity: A Sibling’s Wish, charity number 1168844. The trail map fee will go directly to A Sibling’s Wish and used to fund projects associated with bereavement and children. For further details please see

How do I travel around the scarecrow trail?

The idea of the trail is to get everyone out and about in the great outdoors whilst enjoying some incredible creations. As the trail is spread over a large area, you will need to drive to some spots, but it is most definitely a chance for you to go on a great walk.

The trail is accessible to everyone with pavements in most villages and both wheelchairs and pushchairs can be used. Winford always has a close-knit trail around the village and it’s a great place to start your hunt. You can park near the pub and then walk all around the village spotting scarecrows. It is also possible to do this in other surrounding villages.

During the period of the scarecrow trail, we will post recommendations on the best trail routes and places to stop for lunch, or a delicious treat. The great thing about the trail is you can do it over several days and weeks, or if you up for a real challenge even attempt to complete it in a day!

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Harvey's Scarecrow Trail in aid of The Harvey Hext Trust

Registered Charity: A Sibling’s Wish, Charity No.1168844.
For further details please see

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