Harvey’s Scarecrow Builders

The magic of Harvey’s scarecrow trail is our scarecrow builders; their creativity and sense of humour make it so special.

Anyone can build a scarecrow wherever they live, work or go to school. If you aren’t local to the trail, we can find somewhere to house your scarecrow just let us know.

To join in simply complete a scarecrow registration form and return it to Aunt Sally.

Harvey Scarecrow builders are real heroes. We sincerely thank every scarecrow builder for their time, commitment and donations to create the trail.

Scarecrows can be any size and made from anything, there are no limits!

Think history, nostalgia, memorabilia, inventions

Here's a few suggestions to get you thinking...


Bill and Ted
Back to the future
The time traveller’s wife
Robin Hood
Groundhog Day
The Time Machine
Click (Adam Sandler)
12 Monkeys
Star Trek
Jurassic Park
Time Bandits
The Avengers


The Time Traveller’s wife
The Girl Form Everywhere
The Time Hunters
The Time Travel Diaries


Albert Einstein
Brian Cox
Stephen Hawking



Stargate SG-1

Doctor Who


Quantum leap

Mr Ben

Horrible Histories

The Tudors


Ancient Cities 


Music & Video Cassettes
Dial Phones
Original Mobile-phones
Props (form movies or TV)
Old Technology

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Harvey's Scarecrow Trail in aid of The Harvey Hext Trust

Registered Charity: A Sibling’s Wish, Charity No.1168844.
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